Gt2 Watch G-tab smart Watch




Key Features

Message Pushes: Calls Notifications, SMS Notification, Instagram, WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram Notifications, Caller ID displace

Monitor physical health changes, detect health data, display risk status, and evaluate results.

Software features (time display, step, calorie, distance, sport mode, hand-on bright screen, sleep monitoring, running track; call reminder, message reminder; sedentary reminder; alarm reminder

Do not disturb mode; shake a picture; find the bracelet; dial switch; dial in English; point measurement; WeChat movement; heart rate; blood pressure; blood oxygen; apple health;

Bluetooth name; language; charging method USB charging; OTA upgrade support; waterproof waterproof rating IP67)


Pedometer, Calorie, GPS Mileage, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Remind, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, QQ message Remind, WeChat Message Remind, Calling Remind, Message reminding, Smart Alarm Clock, Shake Take Pictures,Anti-lost,Find Bracelet, Time Sync. Raise Hand Bright Screen,OTA upgrade.

Sports pedometer

—Record your movement steps in real time, set your sport goals, and sync your activity data to the app.

Heart rate monitoring

—True-Heart rate data is monitored at all times. knowing your heart better than you.

Sleep monitoring

—sleep monitoring all time, generate professional sleep reports to help you develop healthy sleep habits

Multiple sports modes

—A variety of sports modes, there is always one you like: running mode, badminton mode, riding mode

Information push

—Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram/Twitter/QQ/ WeChat/SMS/Calls Notification reminder for quick processing of information


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